Southern Etiquette: Middle v. Maiden Name - Southern Weddings MagazineRegardless of whether to take your husband's name or not will not be a thing we're going to advise on today, thank goodness!

Instead, our query comes from a reader who has currently decided to take her fianc¨¦'s name, but is unsure what to do in regards to the rest of her moniker. Study on. we'd love to hear your thoughts!Hello, Emily!I'm getting married next May possibly, outlet polo ralph lauren online and though I've never questioned taking my fianc¨¦'s name, I am torn over what to do about my middle name.I know tradition holds that a lady drops her middle name upon marriage and replaces it with her maiden name. ralph lauren men's clothing I'm not commonly 1 to go against tradition, but I've never liked the sound of my maiden name.

On the other hand, I do really like my middle name (it is a lot prettier than my last name, ralph lauren shirts cheap and it is the name my dad gave me). How large of a faux pas would it be for me to maintain my middle name and just drop my maiden name all together? polo ralph lauren shoes Thank you in advance for the assistance!M. lauren ralph lauren outlet G.
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